Frankenstein: “Playing God”

In humanity’s pursuit of knowledge and strive to learn, I believe that there should be limits in various scientific and medical fields since we do not know the consequences and unpredictable events that may occur. Nonetheless, I do think discovering new benefits to further enhance the living of life is something great but it also needs limitation for where it can take us. We are constantly trying to find new ways to make everything better since we have the intelligence to do so. These discoveries are not always bad but they can lead to severe tragedies or consequences along the way such as the creation of the “monster” in the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly. In this book, the main character Victor Frankenstein tries to make a new race or creature after discovering the secret of life, not knowing the outcome that will indefinitely occur.

I think humanity has the moral obligation to not “play God” because of we don’t know how far or what could happen from doing such an unbelievable task. Humanity is always discovering many things to help our kind survive and live a better life but there are also consequences that can occur from doing so. There usually isn’t going to be just a positive to everything we find in our life for medical use or in general. It is unpredictable what “playing God” can lead to or what it can cause to humanity as a race. Achieving such a goal must have severe consequences such as what happened to Frankenstein’s creation in the book¬†“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly. The main character, Victor Frankenstein, did not consider the tragedies that could occur from playing such a role as “God” which lead to his unknowing horror that was his monster. Therefore, I do not think we have the moral commitment to “play god” for what the unknowingly consequences that can arise from such a powerful responsibility.




Most Challenging



I find living in a small town the most challenging because there are many different activities and ways of entertainment that are excluded from people in Longlac, On. It gets really boring and repetitive most times since there is a very little amount of places to go to for enjoyment or extra curricular activities. In a small town such as Longlac, there are no places like malls or theaters where you can spend time with family or friends. Since there are no entertainment centers, I am limited¬†to what I can do to waste time when I’m bored or just want to do something fun.

The main activity or sport that we play in our town is road hockey and ice hockey but living in such a remote area, people that I used to play with eventually moved away or stopped playing it. I love other sports rather than just hockey such as basketball and soccer but our town does not have enough people or support to start up these extra curricular activities. It is really boring and dull doing the same thing your entire life and I would like to have more of a variety of what I can do.

Therefore, it is really difficult for me to have fun or do new exciting things to pass the time in living in a small town. I would love to be able to have a choice of what to do and have more to choose from. I can’t do anything about it so I have to do what I can and just find some other ways to amuse myself. It is hard for me but I bet many other people in towns can relate to what I am dealing with.